About Us

Karde's C-Store was organized in 1984 by Dean and Karen Cox. The location was at the corner of Cedar Street and 2nd Street in Monticello, Iowa in the former Shell Gas Station. Dean had worked for Monticello Implement and they decided to take a chance on buying the Shell Gas Station and turning it into a convenience store. With all of their resources the building was remodeled and transformed into today’s Karde’s C-Store.

In 1986 the store started to turn a profit. After two years of trying to keep the business alive, Dean and Karen started to see that their vision to be self employed was starting to materialize.

In 1993, the underground gas tanks were removed and replaced with new double walled tanks with leak detectors after the new State laws required testing. Several other improvements were made over the years adding cash registers, updating accounting software, etc.

In 2011, the business was sold to Dean and Karen Cox’s sons – Dean Cox Jr and Michael Cox

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